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The Swallowtail Festival

Swallowtail_Festival.pngThe Swallowtail Festival
It was supposed to be a Festival, but it didn’t quite turn out that way. The day started out nicely with free food and drink, you can’t really beat that. The priests and nobles droned on about the new Cathedral and “new beginnings”, but I was more concerned about making sure I got to the mead before it was all gone. That Sheriff of ours could use a drink or two himself or maybe a cleric to remove that stick. Right as the Father was going to close the ceremony and the real party was going to start those damnable little goblin beasties attacked the town. They came out of nowhere killing dogs and horses, slashing anyone they could with those knives of theirs, and burning everything they could. People were screaming and crying, hell that might of been me, and running everywhere. Did you know goblins can sing? They can, horribly by the way and damn creepy. Suddenly an arrow flies and one of those goblin bards, Warchanters I think they are called, sprouts a fine feather shaft from his chest that knocks him off his wagon perch and onto his arse. Serves him right me thinks, that was fine ale and mead he was going to burn. I see this Elf holding a bow grinning like he’s having the time of his life. Next this Barbarian, big bastard, with an even bigger two handed hammer pounds a goblin like a nail into a plank. Of course, he misses more often then not and there are some paving stones in the square that will never be the same. Then I see the priest type I seen before – mumbles a lot to himself, but he aint a bad sort for a fella with orcish blood. Hells my missus swoons over the lad talking about how a good girl will take care of the mumbles. Anyhow, he does some prayer stuff and the goblins don’t seem to be as skilled as they once was with them dog stickers. At one point he conjures some water out of midair and puts out a goblin torch and the goblin at the same time as the dumb git had set himself on fire. Not sure if the goblin was angry or thankful but it didnt matter because this Half-Elf summoner with the tag along Plate Armor took care of him and his goblin buddies. Well the Plate Armor thingy did most of the work with a nasty bit of sword work, but the results were the same – more dead gobbies.

So it gets real quiet like in the square and I realize that one of the ale kegs is leaking due to an arrow sticking out from the side, thank you Archer. So I help myself to a drink to calm my nerves and all and suddenly I hear a scream coming from the North Gate (that did not help my nerves) and these fellas go running TOWARDS the scream. So I, of course, with ale in hand follow them. Right as I catch up I see Aldern Foxglove and that fine hound of his being attacked by a Goblin riding one of those ugly dog things they breed and three more little Gobbies all trying for a piece of that poor dog. Be honest I’d rather have seen them get Aldern than that dog, the dog at least had some redeeming value. That was unkind of me I know, but I’m not much for dandys. It was a rather short fight, some more smashed paving stones, arrows in walls, and dead goblins although that Goblin Commando I think they are called got away – both he and his goblin dog escaped out the North Gate.
Eventually, the town guard and militia FINALLY showed up and either killed or captured the remaining goblins. The town got lucky – goblins are stupid and we had some handy types around that I don’t think the little buggers expected.
- Unnamed Townsperson, Sandpoint
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